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XPMads is a ptp (paid to promote) advertising network that pays publishers with Primecoin via FaucetHub. Currently, .00000400 XPM is awarded for every network wide unique IP address. Network wide IP addresses reset every minute. This means you can earn from the same IP addresses once per minute (very good for autosurfs). No registration is required. Payment is sent immediately to wallets with a balance of .0005 XPM or more. Wallet balances may be checked here.

How To

To get started, copy the ptp link below and replace YOURWALLETADDRESS with your actual wallet address. All traffic is accepted, but noscript hits aren't counted. You may promote the link in any traffic exchange including OtoHits, Hitleap, 10kHits, 247AutoHits, Twistrix, AutoSurfMyth, and ManyHit.

PTP Link:


Primecoin Ads
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